On-Page Optimization

We implement a keyword targeting strategy that will drive target customers to your business.

Traffic Which Converts

SEO is often implemented incorrectly resulting in lower qualified traffic and customers.

Carefully Targeted Searches

By implementing a planned, researched and data drive SEO strategy. We can drive more targeted traffic to your website resulting in more qualified leads so you can grow your business.

BeFound Today!

We make being found online easy.

Titles & META Tags

Title tags are often poorly implemented or poorly targeted. We ensure each title is implemented correctly and targeting the appropriate keyword for the corresponding page.

Heading Tags

When properly coding a site headings are implemented incorrectly, having duplicates or poor hierarchy. We make sure proper heading hierarchy and optimization is taking place in each heading tag.

Keyword Usage & Placement

Keywords are overused or used not enough on a page. We implement your keyword and its LSI keywords on the page the appropriate number of times and in the appropriate places.

Content & HTML Usage

Websites are frequently coded wrong. Developers miss the details and are not educated on proper SEO. We make sure the site is marked up correctly with HTML, using the appropriate tags to highlight important content.

Optimized URLs

3 Problems occur with URLS 1) Too long 2) Too generic 3) Too Dynamic. We craft urls which are optimal for search and provide the search engines clues about what the content is about, resulting in better rankings.

Optimized Images & ALT Text

Search engines do not read images very well. Therefore it is important to do two things: 1) Name the file with a keyword and 2) Use the ALT text, telling the search crawlers what it is. This will help you pages rank and allow your images to rank in image search.

Ways to work with us

Submit your site

Provide us your website URL and any other information you feel we need.

We’ll Audit your site

Using various tools we review site for errors, problems, and opportunities.

Review Audit

Schedule a time to review our findings and answer any questions you may have.

Start SEO

We’ll implement the recommendations in the audit and help you be found.

Businesses Growth and Results

A local Aurora Personal Injury Law Firm went from 0 phone calls from organic search to having over 30 calls in only their third month of SEO services.

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