Tracking & Reporting

SEO Accountability will improve your rankings faster.


Uncertain of the direction to take your website? Growing a business is challenging. Growing a business without a clear online marketing strategy is even more challenging.

Clear & Actionable SEO

We craft a clear and actionable search engine optimization strategy to remove uncertainty and doubt so that your business will increase online visibility, traffic and leads. Turning your website from a sunk cost to a business growth engine.

BeFound Today!

We report & collaborate with you so your SEO can improve faster.

Ranking Report

In order to know where you are going you need to know where you started. We track and report on your ranking improvements for specific keywords which drive traffic and conversions.

Traffic Report

To convert site visitors your site needs to be generating organic traffic. By Measuring the improvement in organic traffic we can see the impact SEO is having on your business.

Conversion Report

If you are not tracking leads you are missing an opportunity to grow your business. We track and report phone calls and form submissions so we not what avenues are most effective.

Link Report

Links drive rankings and not knowing where your links are coming from can stall your campaign. Each month we report on the links we built so you can witness the process of accumulation and see your rankings improve.