Technical SEO

Technical SEO That Has An Impact

Crawlability and Performance

The crawlability of your website is often overlooked. Technical SEO is overlooked for two reasons:

      Lack of knowledge and know-how
      Technical SEO is minimized.

Prioritizing Tech Issues

Prioritizing technical SEO issues like missing H1 Tags and duplicate content first will have enhanced your site performance and improve your rankings.

We make being found online easy.

Crawl & Prioritize

Our software will crawl your website and determine any errors on your website which will impact your SEO. WE prioritze these as Critical errors, Crawl Warnings, and Crawl notices and begin cleaning them up.

Site Architecture & Usability

Having a flat site and well organized site will make your site more crawlable, meaning it is easier for crawlers to find and index content. We make sure nothing is obstructing crawlers from reading and indexing your site.

Meta & Heading Tags

Many websites are have HTML errors, including missing or misused used headings tags. Since HTML tags are the basis for SEO having proper HTML and having your HTML optimized can have significant impact on your crawlability and rankings.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content will have an adverse effect on your website and SEO. In severe cases it can lead to a penalty. Minimizing or completely removing duplicate content will lead to a higher quality site thus leading to higher visibility.

Dead Pages & Broken links

Broken links provide signals to google of a poorly maintained website and can hinder rankings. Fixing and removing broken links will improve the quality signals to google and provide a boost in the rankings.

ALT Text

Search engines do a relatively poor job or reading images when compared to how they view HTML. Having proper and optimized ALT text send clues to the search engine about what you images are about leading to better usability and higher rankings.

Ways to work with us

Submit your site

Provide us your website URL and any other information you feel we need.

We’ll Audit your site

Using various tools we review site for errors, problems, and opportunities

Review Audit

Schedule a time to review our findings and answer any questions you may have.

Start SEO

We’ll implement the recommendations in the audit and help you be found.

Clients SEO Case Studies

How A Local Law Firm Overcomes Their Competitive Market
Oakmont Law’s biggest hurdle was how competitive their market is. They couldn’t go for all the same search terms as the big firms but still needed to find keywords that were relevant, had quality intent, and search volume.

Be Found discovered & optimized Oakmont’s site for keywords that had search volume and were targeted to the Denver Metro Area.

Creating A Constant Lead Source to Grow their Business
Max Security needed a consistent lead source that would help grow their business. They were tired of paying for leads and wanted to grow the organic way.

Be Found implemented an SEO strategy around link building and content production that would help them increase local rankings organically.

How To Produce Leads for A Locksmith
American Security Locksmith was frustrated that its website was not producing leads. Without a page built out for every service they provided, it was tough to get the desired results.

Our strategy was simple, clean up all the errors on his website and build out a page for every keyword that made sense for him to rank for.

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