The value of local SEO has come under some debate in recent years, as citations have become less visible and business owners have begun to wonder exactly what end local SEO is achieving. Although strong local SEO does position your site well in the SERPs, is it enough to be worthwhile?

Some say no. Some say local SEO is no longer a reliable way to direct people to your website, or that local SEO is being replaced by social media. But BeFound says otherwise. Here’s why:

  • The exact percentage is in question, but Google has spoken about the fact that a high number of total internet searches have local intent. Customers searching for a particular type of business—be it barbershop or bookstore—are likely to include phrases like ‘near me’ or ‘in (my city)’ in their search. That means that focusing on the local aspect of the search still has merit.
  • Mobile optimization allows searchers to integrate web searches with phone calls just by tapping their screen, making local search more relevant than ever. Searchers can go from finding a local business to speaking on the phone with them. And because the majority of searches are now made on mobile devices, this is a trend everyone should be aware of.
  • Social media is a great tool, and Google has changed its algorithm to account for social engagement. But this doesn’t mean local SEO should be abandoned. Instead, pair the two tools together and expand your reach even farther!

Make the most of your online presence by including local SEO in your strategy. It’s a vital piece of a puzzle that continues to grow day by day.