BeFound SEO serves a smaller law firm in the Denver/Aurora area. This client provides legal services ranging from personal injury to family law. One of their biggest challenges was clearly their competitive market. Their campaign needed to be more centered around keywords. As evidenced by the lack of search volume for keywords they had targeted, we needed to identify search terms that were relevant, had quality intent, and search volume. Once identifying the right keywords they only had 3 on the first 2 pages.

Since changing titles on their pages and building links around their keywords, their campaign has been one of our best of ongoing and consistent growth. They have 6 keywords on the 1st page and 7 on the second. Most importantly, all of these keywords are relevant to their business and none of the keywords in their campaign are further down then page 5. This proves that you don’t need a big budget to compete with the big companies. All you need is a solid strategy and consistent, good SEO!